Agency Audit

Is Your Marketing Team Really Doing a Good Job?

When clients come to us, we are rarely the 1st Agency they’ve tried. Most of the time they’ve tried 2 or 3 others...we even had one client come to us after 6 other Agencies didn’t “deliver on their promises.”

So, we thought, “what if we could help companies evaluate their Marketing Agency or Internal Marketing Team?”


How valuable would it be to have an unbiased third party evaluating your marketing strategy?

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What Do We Evaluate?

We will evaluate any or all of the following areas of your Marketing Strategy

Marketing Assets


(Photos, Videos, Sales Presentations, Email Content, etc.)

  • Do your assets truly represent your brand?

  • Are they effective selling tools?

Facebook, Instagram and Google Advertising
  • Are your ads performing as well as they can be?

  • Are you making common mistakes?

  • Is your Agency earning their keep?

Overall Marketing Messaging
  • Is your message clear to your customers?

  • Is your message consistent with your brand?

Overall Marketing Strategy
  • Are you using the right marketing channels?

  • Are you missing key marketing opportunities?

  • Is your budget allocated properly?

How Does It Work?


We have an introductory call with you to discuss your current marketing strategy and tactics. 


Our team will take one week to evaluate your marketing strategy.



We will deliver a report detailing our findings and making recommendations to improve your marketing tactics. 


How Much Does it Cost?


If you decide that you’d like to work with us after we deliver our recommendations, then we will credit the $750 toward your first project with us.